You can have an even greater impact by not only registering to walk/run, but also by fundraising for ACTS to help our neighbors in need! 

I believe in the mission of ACTS because I see how much of an impact the ACTS’ programs have on our community. Individually, I may not be able to contribute a significant amount to ACTS, but IWALK presented me with an opportunity to rally family, friends and co-workers to contribute within their means to the cause.
— Khadija Athman, fundraiser and ACTS' employee


Set a Fundraising Goal

Now that you have registered for IWALK, you have the opportunity to raise money for ACTS! With your registration, you have access to your individual fundraising page, which you can personalize. Set a fundraising goal (don’t be afraid to be ambitious), and let your family and friends know why IWALK matters to you!

Make the First Donation

To get your fundraising off to a good start - make the first donation (above and beyond your registration).  Generosity will encourage others to donate!

Email, Text, Call Family and Friends

The IWALK team has put together an email template you can personalize right from your fundraising page. Start by a simple email or calling and texting your family and friends, as they are most likely to support.


As most of us know, one of the easiest ways to spread the word about IWALK is through social media. Use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to encourage people to Walk, Run and Raise for ACTS! Use it to thank those that have already donated.

Make sure to join the IWALK Social Media pages, “like” posts, and use the hashtag #IWALK2018 and tag @IWalkForActs.

Other Groups

Now that you have contacted your family and friends and shared on Social Media look to other groups you do life with like work colleagues, recreation leagues, and social clubs. You also never know which of your friends or acquaintances might have a personal connection to ACTS!

Regularly Thank and Update

As more of your friends, family, and outside organizations get behind you, regularly thank them on social media and share your progress towards reaching your goal.

Be Creative! Have Fun! And WALK, RUN, and RAISE for ACTS!


  • Is your church, company, or organization interested in registering a Team for IWALK? Simply click "5k" from the menu and create your team! Questions? E-mail to help you get set up.

  • Does your company offer Matching Gifts for employee's charitable contributions? Check with your HR department and you could increase the impact of your donation to ACTS! Matching gifts from your employer can be mailed to ACTS: Attn: IWALK, PO Box 74, Dumfries, VA 22026.

  • Want Promo Cards to distribute to people where you work, live, play, study and shop? E-mail to get a stack. 

Every dollar you raise makes a difference...and could save a life.

       $6 - the cost to answer a call to the Crisis Helpline

   $136 - the cost to provide services to a victim of domestic violence

  $289 - the cost to provide food for a household for a month

  $358 - the cost to provide services to a victim of sexual assault

  $472 - the cost to provide utility assistance for a household for a month

$1,041 - the cost to provide shelter to a household for a week